The Nightmare Before Christmas is an all-time favorite of mine, as well as my bestfriend’s. We loved a lot of the same things, almost like twins. In February 2012, she was in an auto wreck that took her life at the young and heartbreaking age of 18. I miss her every single day, and I feel this token of my appreciation to our mutual love for the movie will help her live on, and carry me through hard times. I love the simplicity of it. (Will repost when healed.)
Done by Mike TV at Bright Ideas Tattoo in Avondale, Arizona.
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[I will NEVER forgive the producers for killing Trip! NEVER EVER! They should burn in hell for an eternity for that! I LOVE TRIP! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL HIM!?! That just makes me mad to no end!]



The reason I want to see you, even now
is because I love you
But we will never meet again
because I love you more than anyone else

Pray by Ayumi Hamasaki (via lavidakawaii)

Submitted by: Anonymous

((Planning the *hic* conference.))

My gorgeous new tattoo by the one and only Miss Mindy at Painter’s Olde Tyme Tattoo in Titusville, FL. A modified version of: Peter Savieri's illustration. I’m so wildly happy with and proud of this piece! It looks like I went back in time to the 80’s and got her out of a giant sticker machine :D
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